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In our 100% OnLine ‘Certified Holistic Health Coach Program’ we explore the proven effectiveness of using Food as Medicine to assist in healing cancer and other chronic disease conditions. We offer a training that is Engaging, Powerful and Transformative for anyone seeking to become an Educator and make a valuable difference in the lives of families and communities.

Build an exciting new career as a successful Holistic Health Coach in just three months.


What You Learn When You Train With Us

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We show you how to achieve success!

You’ve only have one life. Be brave, follow your dreams and fight for what you believe in. They are the only things that’s ever really made a difference.

Become A Certified Holistic Health Coach

Begin the transformation first for yourself, then for others….


“Are you looking for one-of-a-kind, life changing, affordable, Natural Health education?

Diet For Living School is fabulously all of the above!!
I loved what I learned, and being challenged to practice it. I loved seeing and feeling the results!

Paula’s personal struggle and testimony of healing are truly inspiring, and proof that
what she teaches is effective in supporting the body in ridding itself of Cancer & other
diseases and promoting and maintaining optimal health.

Diet For Living School opened my eyes to many shocking truths about the Standard American Diet, commonly held erroneous beliefs about what is “healthy”, and the undeniable direct connection between what we eat and drink and our health.

You will learn wonderful recipes and lifestyle practices, where to source quality, health-benefiting foods and what to avoid and why. You will also meet new and interesting people on a similar journey!

I highly recommend Diet For Living School!” – Beth Dailey, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Fall Class 2021


If you long to become an educator that transforms the lives of others, we invite you to join the movement.

Our Holistic Health Coaches make an average of $65/hr. If they choose to do public speaking, that number can easily rise to $300/hr. Workshops and trainings can equal up to $3,000/day.


Love Learning As A Community

Our goal is helping you create a career and life you love.

Graduate Success Stories

The greatest advantage in becoming a Holistic Health Coach lies in the possibility that what you can do with your future is infinite. Many of our students work with clients one-on-one over the phone. Using Zoom, Facetime and Skype, you can work with people from all over the world. Some graduates use their training with their already existing businesses. Other graduates choose to work out of an office with Naturopathic Doctors. We also have graduates with great success teaching corporate wellness and retreats.

Gingy Caguoia Blakely

Gingy Caguoia Blakely

Danville, Virginia
Business: ‘Mind Body Wellness Pilates’
Corporate Raw Vegan Food Presentations
Holistic Cancer Coach

Julia Beal

Julia Beal

Syracuse, Indiana
Business: ‘Give Thanks Raw’
Offers Detoxification Packages
Raw Food Chef for FaceBook Headquarters
Holistic Cancer Coach

Sherrine Williams

Sherrine Williams

Charlotte, North Carolina
Business: ‘Brave Girl Wellness & Retreats’
Educator and Speaker at Nationwide Bariatric Conferences

Diann Isi Love

Diann Isi Love

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Business: ‘Love Livin’
100% Vegan Restaurant
Raw/Vegan Retreat Leader
Holistic Cancer Coach

Natalie Allinder

Natalie Allinder

Milford, Michigan
Business: ‘Grace and Gratitude Wellness’
One-on-One Coaching
Raw Food Group Educator

Katherine Portalatin

Katherine Portalatin

Orlando, Florida
Business: ‘Coach 4 Nutrition’
Raw Food Detox Diet Coach and Group Educator

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